I am an internal medicine resident at the University of Pennsylvania, within the Physician Scientist Pathway track. I completed my MD/PhD at Yale, studying cancer genetics and tumor immunology in the Department of Genetics and Systems Biology Institute. I did my PhD studies in the lab of Sidi Chen, developing new technologies for high-throughput genetic screens and utilizing these approaches to map a "functional cancer genome atlas."

Moving forward, I aspire to be an oncologist and investigator, deciphering the combinatorial and permutational complexity of cancer genomes. I aim to create a modern toolkit for functional cancer genomics, combining my expertise with classical genetic mouse models and CRISPR genome editing technologies. I am particularly interested in investigating the mechanisms of tumor evolution, such as the role of mutation order on tumorigenesis, intercellular interactions within somatic mosaic tissues, and the molecular logic underlying lineage plasticity and how it drives resistance to therapies.

For more information, check out my research goals and publications.

Ryan Dz-Wei Chow (CV)
Yale University School of Medicine
PhD in Genetics, 2021
MD, 2023